Monday, February 10, 2014


On  12 December 2013 I somehow managed to tear my Achilles tendon as I stepped  from the parking lot to the curb  on my way to --wait for it-- therapy.  I managed to crawl back to my car and with flashers on I drove home somehow.  My husband had to help me up the steps to the house.  And that was the last time that I went  up or down those steps.  I have been house bound through this cold and snowy winter.
I have finally gotten the  good and welcome  attention of the VNA and they have sent a wonderful physical therapist with an ultra sound machine  to help me heal.
My body is getting a little better, but  my spirit is a bit crushed . I  have not seen my  aunt since this happened and that leaves me feeling pretty low.
It is hard to stay  in the same small house and even in the same chair all day every day. Yesterday two old friends came by with  two great  pizzas from Casserta's and a six pack of Narragansett beer.  What a treat for me and my husband.  We began  watching the Olympics and Basketball games in earnest. Sometime during a lull in the Syracuse game, my friend mentioned that I had not blogged  in a while.  They  thought I would be blogging every day with so much  time  on my hands.  But I must confess I  did not want to blog in a negative  mood and  I wanted the Pawtucket Bucket blog especially to be a  positive take on the possibilities in this old but  surprisingly various and vibrant community. 
But the events of my own aging complicated  by the demands of caregiving have caught  up with me.
Today I managed to go outside  and made it  up and down the  first step with  the encouragement of the therapist.  The cold and  ice have delayed my  ability to go out--the ground is still icy and snow covered.  
Maybe I will try to use the blog for a few reviews of books I have read  during this long retreat and the TV shows I have watched. I know many people are  having an even tougher winter.  Oil deliveries are too many and too costly--but at least we can  still pay the bills.  We do still have many blessings and things to be glad about. I will try to focus on the positives. 

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