Saturday, September 7, 2013



This has been a tough month--this August that began on the 2nd with a request that Hospice be brought in to help with the care of my Aunt Anna.  She had just returned from an emergency stay at RI Hospital ICU where her  breathing difficulties and her sudden seizure activity signaled a real down turn.  I did not realize how anxious it would make me to see her failing.
Anna is so associated with  that whole parental generation. The fact that she is the only one left makes me feel that her loss and changes are another way of losing my mother. Anna shared our lives together and she holds all those memories.

Now I  am so  influenced by her moods and changes. Every time I see her she  is different and I simply don't know what to expect.  I guess that nothing  stays the same and all change is unpredictable, but we think when we are younger that we can predict things and that we have  some control over  events. 
Wrong on both counts--but the illusion  gives us confidence. Now I need to find  a way to be confident that change will be for the best--as we age and weaken that  confidence seems  unrealistic and just plain wrong.
I need some help with this.

Can Pawtucket be a destination?

Why not?  We need to  make better use of thr  rivers that we have here. I love the new  greenway along the 10 mile River  that can be accessed on Armistce Blvd near the Pawtucket Country Club.  I am always amazed  by how populated Slater Park is by families enjoying their picnics and various  events.  I  am also impressed by the beauty of the new bridge spanning the Blackstone near the Division Street Bridge. i would like to see  the  development of a river walk with  places to sit and  a coffee or tea house along the bank that leads from the  new bridge back towards City Hall.
The prime piece of real estate is  from Apex and  across Division to the new  piers on the  river.  How could it be to develop the China  connection and builed a  genuine Chines Garden  in that area.
It seems to me that eventually the plan to devekop tje whole of the Bkackstone Valley as a national park from Pawtucket to Worcestor will move forward.  So  why not have other  attractions in place to stimulate tourism   and to help create more experiences for people?.
Look at what was created in Lowell Mass.  Who  will be our Paul Tsongas--who is the political figure  with the courage and the clout to make this happen.
I wonder if it could be Donald Grebien.  Someone  should step up and see that  Pawtucket is in a place to move ahead.