Saturday, February 22, 2014

Roger Angell and getting old in the Bucket

No, Roger is not aging in Pawtucket;  he is aging on the streets of New York according to a recent essay "This Old Man" in The New Yorker(Feb17&24) This chatty  personal ramble does what is  done hardly at all about aging --it tells the truth.
Aging is agreat surprise he says, and that is my main expereince of it also.  Of course, we all know that everyone gets old,  but I did not guess how it  would swoop down on me right on schedule and change every aspect of my  life.  I thought that after I retired from teaching, I would be just as  I was before, enrgetic and busy, but  not working for others--about  my own business.  Roger knows otherwise, and  lists the losses in friends and  loved ones-- even  favorite doggy companions--gone.
What is not gone yet is this winter.  I envy those who have made it down to Fort Myers to watch the Red Sox spring training. This frigid month I am making daily resolves to become a more regular  attendee of the Pawtucket Red Sox games at McCoy stadium.  It is one of the prime assets of the bucket, and   every time I go to a game  I have a great time.  Last year there was no one who wanted to go with me.  I need to cast my net wider, and see if I can interest some younger  friends.  Maybe do a little baby-sitting and plant the seed of  baseball mania early in a few little hearts.

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