Friday, August 9, 2013

sometimes it's perfect in the Bucket

I ended my last post  with the mention of going to Spumoni's for dinner with our good neighbors. I have been to Spumon'is many times-- some times it is good--sometimes it is just okay--it is never bad. But that night it was perfect.
Every aspect of the meal was jsut right--in fact I turned to my friend Doris, and said  "I feel that I have finally ordered the right thing here--it is so perfect."
What did I order?  I ordered one of the specials that night  Whole belly fried clams With them I  chose the salad  and the mixed vegetable option.
Let me say that the clams were sweet and clean and not at all greasy. They were tender and carried still the freshness of the sea.  The mixed vegetables were brightly colored and still on the edge of crispness and were  more blanched than boiled. Again the medley of the  summer squash and the  carrots and brocolli tasted  perfect for the season.
After much urging by my companions, I agreed to share the cheesecake with strawberries. It was a revelation --so creamy but not heavy and the sweetness that came through was of the strawsberries.
Sometimes surveys about Rhode Island  claim that people here are unhappy.  One thing that they cannot be unhappy about is the food.  If they are,  I would bet that they have never lived outside  Rhode ISland and they have come to take the excellent range and price of foods for granted.  Do you have any idea  how many  years you can live in a place and neve have a meal as good as the one that I enjoyed at Spumoni's--well I can tell you that in 26 years in Cincinnati, I  could not duplicate that experience.  Most places that are not coastal simply do not have the  ingredients or the taste  to make such a meal.
Also I must add tha tthe service was great: Of course, my friends are regulars, and the waiter knew and greeted them but he was a bright and  witty person who in the famous Pawtucket style extended himself to joke and comment with us  about local and sports news.
So  a perfect meal in the BUCKET--go for it!!

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