Sunday, August 11, 2013


Two good friends had been telling me for a while about a small, hidden bar and restaurant buried deep in my  own neighborhood. Finally, they pushed the issue  withan invitation--we will pick you up at  6PM on Friday and take you there.
So we drove the three blocks to a  tiny corner  bar with a sign to tell us we were at the HERITAGE TAP.
walking into the cheerful small bright and clean space, we took a booth and within minutes had a cold pilsner set  before me. I was  one happy camper.  Then came the delicious  fish and  double baked  potato and cole slaw and peach and  rhubarb pie. All fresh, all made  there and all delicious.and in my neighborhood. Only a few blocks from my house, but I was unaware of its existence.  We all agreed that we will be back--our goal to eat our way rhough the menu. This type of evening  is the best of Pawtucket--people doing great things every day with no fanfare--  no sense that  this was unusual--just solid home cooking.

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