Thursday, August 15, 2013


I had been so happy when the sign went up on the building on the corner  of Armistice Blvd and to think that a new Irish pub was opening.  But I did not  go to check it out.  I wanted it to be good and I wanted it to have  Irish food as well as drinks. Finally for brunch last weekend I ventured inside. The decor is jsut right--it does not try too hard and it's not trying to be some snug  in a Dublin bar. It's more like the   neighborhood bar of a small town in Ireland. Nothing fancy, but clean and plain and  comfortable. and the  barkeep is friendly.
I  looked a the menu eagerly--but something  basic was  missing. More than one thing.  Let it be said  that there cannot be an Irish  breakfast withour Irish  brown bread  and/or soda bread. Is that my opinion or a fact--you tell me.
Another thing that an Irish pub must have is Irish music. Do any of you remember the BLARNEY STONE the bar that was  on Dexter Street in down town Pawtucket. Now they had a great jukebox.  So get some Irish music --there is so much of it around..
They do have  a good variety of beers  in the PUBLICK HOUSE.  So that is a great plus.  Also need a full supply of every Irish whiskey and  a selection of Scotch single malts.
Could certainly use more  fish in the menu--more salmon and more  mussells.  Can never have too many mussells.  Certainly need a  lamb stew--especiall in the winter. Also need more pictures  of Ireland or  Irish   people or even Irish Americnas especially from the old neighborhoods.  So I am glad the Publick House is there --I just wish they cared more about making some Irish soda bread. Surely there are  people in Pawtucket who still make Irish soda or Irish brown--my mother made  both.  .

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