Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pawtucket garden

One of the  things that I am most looking forward to in my return to Pawtucket is that I will have the chance to make a new garden there. I have made  gardens in  the  last three houses that I have lived in and they have taken both my energy and  cash.  And it is wrenching to leave the  trees and plants,   gates and arbors and trellises  that I have assembled and tended  carefully. I delight in watching the  bulbs emerge that I plant each  Autumn. I did not  know  that I would be moving to  Pawtucket and yet in some way  it has been looming there  like  a big  boulder over my head that I did not look up to see.
Now I see a new garden as one of the big  positives of  returning there. The yard is not large, but it is   ample for my  purposes.  Right now the  tiny house is looking a bit overwhelmed by  evergreens that were planted over 40 years ago as foundation plantings and now seem to dwarf the house.  They have been trimmed but not fully contained and their trunks  are thick like  trees. So I  want to take  many of them out and replace them with  smaller and more colorful shrubs and  flowers.
My head is filled with thoughts of hydrangeas and  day lilies. Color schemes are  in my mind and I am poring  more than usually over the catalogue form Wayside Gardens--for ideas.

I  hope to  have the large shrubs removed in the  next ten days and  begin to plant some  small  bushes and maybe two  small flowering trees in the front  yard.  Then I will begin to place some bulbs--they are the hope for next Spring.  I am also  thinking about where and  how to place  bird feeders so that I can enjoy them from the  kitchen window.

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