Saturday, September 24, 2011

Slouching Towards PAwtucket

Slouching towards Pawtucket
As a native daughter planning to return to her  home city of Pawtucket, I approach it with mixed feelings. When I   roamed these streets as  a child, I often dreamed of being  somewhere else.  I idealized the American West after reading  many Zane Grey novels. And since I adored  Roy Rogers, I hoped some day to meet a real cowboy. Possibly if I had not left Pawtucket, I would still harbor these longings. I might even feel unsatisfied and  unhappy. But I did leave and I spent 26 years away working at a   job in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati made me  miss Rhode Island, the ocean, and finally even Pawtucket.
However, now as I contemplate moving back to the city and to the very house that my mother and  aunt and sister  lived in since 1968, I feel anticipation rather than dread. I was not trapped there--I left-- and now I want to come back.  What are the things that I miss and hope for in this return?  The answers to those  questions  may come clear to me and you, dear reader, after I  make my  appearance.  Actually I have been back in Rhode Island since 2009.  But I  have been living in South County in what I  thought of as  my summer house and my eventual retirement cottage.
I tried staying there for two winters and I  began to feel some  isolation.. It is beautiful and it is quiet, but the drawback is that to get anywhere you must drive. And as the winter advances driving becomes  more  tricky and tiring. So I am preparing to go back to Pawtucket. I have spent some energy and money these past three months in  getting the house ready for the move.  I hired a painter and floor re-finisher. Now I am hoping  to be done  with the improvements and have the house ready to  move into by late October.

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